Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine Presents Richard Halstead on John Singer Sargent

July/August 2014 Fine Arts Connoisseur

If you enjoyed Richard Halstead’s blog post about John Singer Sargent, you will want to pick up a copy of the 2014 July/August issue of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, which reprises his post as an article titled “The Musicality of John Singer Sargent.” And, once you own the issue, I predict you’ll want to display it in the room where you do most of your relaxing and entertaining. That way you can easily pick it up to reread Richard’s insights and review the gorgeous Sargent paintings reprinted to illustrate his points. You’ll also have it easily on hand to share with fellow artists and art lovers.

—Laura Allen-Simpson

News About Richard Halstead’s Portrait of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

Governor Mitch Daniels (left) and Richard Halstead (right) flank Mr. Halstead's official portrait of the governor at the October 16, 2012 unveiling.

At a Statehouse ceremony on October 16, 2012, Richard Halstead’s portrait of Governor Mitch Daniels was officially unveiled. For details about the unveiling, the governor, and the portrait artist, click on the links below. (Yes, there are quite a few, but they are all worth checking out because each article offers something unique about the occasion—whether that’s information about inside jokes, additional images, quotes from Mr. Halstead’s speech, or further insights into the portrait painting process in the artist’s own words.)

“Daniels’ Portrait Unveiled At Statehouse” can be read at


“Meet the Man Behind Governor Daniels’ Portrait”
can be read—and heard—at

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“Portrait means Gov. Daniels now belongs to the ages” can be found at

“Gov Daniels Portrait Unveiled” is at

“Daniels’ Portrait Shows Indiana Governor at Work” can be found at,0,6177478.story