What distinguishes you as a portrait artist?

Painting a portrait, for me, is a privilege that involves very real interest in and respect for the person portrayed. My objective is always to represent the best of an individual. As I said in my article on portrait art, published in the 2007 November/December issue of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine:

“Emphasizing the most positive in a person is not the same as flattery. It is rather doing what we are hired to do: commemorating the actual qualities for which this person is honored.”

What is your basic approach to painting a portrait subject?

I enlist the help of a few close associates or family members who can guide me toward an expression of the wholeness of this person’s character. In that way my aim is to provide a portrayal in paint that is both iconic and very human.

How would you characterize your painting style?

My work combines the painting traditions of the Italian Renaissance and 17th century Dutch art with modern design and techniques. I use all of these in creating a portrait that represents both the subject’s public persona and the more nuanced personality experienced by people who know him or her well.