We were very sorry to cancel this special immersive five-day art experience in 2020 but hope to continue the workshop in the future. Please keep this in mind and check back. If you would like a reminder when the workshop dates are announced, please send an email to [email protected]

Workshop General Objectives and Framework

As a combined figure and portrait seminar, this annual workshop has consistently appealed to artists who have a desire to improve their skills while developing a better understanding of their personal creative potential during a week-long immersion experience.

This week of strenuous study promises to awaken the senses and renew your love for the human image.

Each student’s personal style and previously developed methods are respected in these workshops. Richard’s objective as Instructor is always to build on those fundamentals—to cultivate them and expand on them.

Basic workshop format:

A model will be in one pose throughout the 5-day period.  Students may devote the entire five days to one drawing or painting or exchange positions with other students to do two or more works during the same period.  There will be an occasional session of short studies to better understand structure, balance and rhythm.  There will be several brief lectures, the longest lasting no more than 30 minutes.  There may  be demonstrations, depending on the needs that arise.

Topics addressed:

  • The use of values on the grey scale
  • Color vitality
  • Mixing of colors, especially flesh colors
  • Composition
  • Fundamental anatomy and structure
  • Manipulation of edges

Media taught:

  • Drawing materials: charcoal, pastel, graphite
  • Painting materials: oils, pastels and acrylics

*Due to the prevalence of chemical sensitivities and the enclosed nature of the classroom all thinners and varnishes except for Turpenoid are prohibited.



  • A moderate amount of experience
  • An abiding interest in the human form
  • A desire to learn

Please check back in May 2023.